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3 Benefits of First Aid Partnerships with Registered Training Organizations

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Accidents in the workplace can happen at any time, and quick intervention can be the difference between life and death. In this regard, organisations are required to have personnel who can offer first aid to injured workmates before first responders arrive. Therefore, first aid training is an excellent business idea for savvy investors. While it is difficult to become a first aid trainer, Registered Training Organisations (RTO) make it easy. You can collaborate with an RTO and offer training as a co-provider under their name. This article highlights the benefits of first aid training partnerships with RTOs.

Co-Branding of Certificates

Typically, trainees are issued a certificate on completion of their first aid training course. The certificate shows that they have undertaken the rigorous program and are well equipped to offer proper first aid to injured individuals. Some new co-providers may think that the certificate they provide trainees only contain their RTO partner's details. However, nothing could be further from the truth because a reputable RTO understands that you need to grow your business. Therefore, they will provide you with co-branded certificates containing your logo and contact details, which boosts your reputation as a first aid trainer and opens up avenues for business growth.

Pay for Completed Learners Only 

Although first aid training is quite simple, some learners will still drop out along the way. This can be counterproductive for independent first aid trainers because they have to budget for training resources for all the registered trainees. Therefore, if a couple of learners do not complete the course, training resources will go to waste. However, first aid partnerships eliminate the problem since RTOs allow you to pay for training resources for active learners only. It helps you organise and schedule trainings, saving money and improving your cash flow.

Fast Certificate Issuing

For independent first aid training providers, certificate issuance takes time. It is because an institution has to print the exact certificates of learners who have completed the training. Partnering with an RTO eases the process of certificate issuance, thanks to an accessible student management system. It means that your institution can email copies of first aid certificates immediately after students have passed their training. Moreover, an RTO has a chance to fast-track printing of hard-copy certificates, which trainees receive a few days after course completion. Most importantly, efficient issuance of certificates allows learners to put their skills to use immediately.

For more information about first aid partnerships, contact a local company.